About us

So the person behind this faceless enterprise is me, Dave Wickham.

Over the 17 years I have worked in the TV industry I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing people.

Marrying a Production Manager hasn’t really got me any more work, but it has made me realise that finding good people, often at short notice, isn’t easy. After being pumped for recommendations of people by Beccy Green for the 100th time I decided that if I could put all of the people I would recommend in one place for everyone to see I would not only save a fortune on text messages but maybe I could create a great ever-expanding resource, to share with everyone.

The idea being that I recommend the first wave of people and they recommend the wave after that, etc etc… by doingthis everyone will always know where that person has come from. 

Then these people can link themselves with each other so that people know they have, or will work together. This will then build the list of people that a person would recommend if they were not available.

And whilst all this is going on new people that turn up on shoots, that turn out to be fun and great at their jobs can also be added.

An organically growing database!

I believe by working together to collate all of the best people in telly and building this amazing resource, we can work with friends on exciting tv, and most importantly have a laugh together doing something that we moan about but secretly love. 

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