The vision for is simple, make it easy to find crew details, give every member of crew a platform to be found on.

Here are some ideas that I think we can add to the site in the future, some boring some exciting and some that might just make everything a little bit easier or more comfortable for everyone. But don’t think that this is it, if there is anything that you think might work or be better then let us know… any ideas that go on to feature on the site win a prize (I’m not sure what that’ll be yet but we’ll make it worth your while!)

We hope to launch a beta version of the site very soon.

Obviously all of this is not going to pay for itself so when it is up and running and there is traffic and people start getting work through the site, we will have to start charging crew members for the service. The rates will depend on how you are listed (what rank in what dept) We have yet to decide what the rates should be so any input would be appreciated.


  • Sync your availability to the site enabling production to add dates to their search criteria.
  • Tag the people you like to work with helping production book the uber crew.
  • An invoicing app to help you invoice on the go and keep up to date with who owes you money.
  • On larger productions the site could act as an intermediary between production and crew making sure crew get paid their basic rate monthly and their overtime etc at 30 days.
  • Presenting production with one itemised invoice for the whole crew and coordinating OT etc to make it easy for production to employ a large crew of freelancers.
  • It could offer you a preferential rate with kit suppliers.
  • Message board if you need to tell everyone something then stick it on the message board.
  • Manual Library for every bit of kit crew use.
  • You could input your rate on your previous jobs anonymously and this will create the average rate among your department to display the common average helping you be a part of the discussion on rates and presenting a common rate card to production companies.


  • Post jobs on the site that will automatically pop up on the feeds of people with relevant experience and availability.
  • Let production keep track of overtime and unexpected charges by inputting them into the site at the end of each day.
  • Help production create distribution lists for information to flow to the crews via email and text alerts.
  • Production could create favoured lists of go to crew and check their availability at the touch of a button.

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